Hockey Skating & Game Skills

AGES 5-16


Our morning skating program is designed for both younger to older players as it is an individual skill program. There are no 2 on 1, games or group play where younger players are intimidated. Our older players lead by example, mentor our younger players and provide High Performance effort  that displays what we want our younger players to aspire to. 

Our Skating program focuses on the core elements of Skating;

- Stance - Maximum Skating Stride

- Edge Control 

* Starting and stopping - game situation

* Tight Turns - Cross Over's and Under's

* Backword stride - Forward Stride

- Individual Tactics 

- Shooting in stride 

- Scoring Habits

- D Zone play

Skating Performance Program - Register now starting September 2019

We offer low group sizes - Max 24 per group - Tuesday and Thursday @ 7:00 - 8:00 AM

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