After School Skills and Fitness AGES 7-17

Who: Our programs are focused on youth age 7-17, we can modify sessions to meet the needs of individuals, small groups, medium sized groups, teams or birthday parties. 

When: Monday - Friday ( 3:30-5:30 or 4:00-6:00 PM) 

Where: Broadway, rear entrance above the Pet Store across from the Old Scotia Bank and just down from Colemans using Howley Rd.

Why: Hockey Skills Training - Synthetic Ice Shooting, Puck Skills, Passing & Skating Stride

          Fitness training - Plyometric Power, Strength, Speed and Agility

Cost: We offer the following training options for individual, groups or teams. 

$200.00  - September – December – 1 x per week

$350.00  - September – December – 2 x per week 

 - Personal training is for 1-2 athletes in a private session either focused on fitness, skill or both.  

Training starts September 2019 - Register now to ensure your spot is reserved. We offer small group sizes and limited spots to ensure the maximum amount of instruction and coaching. PlayPro Hockey is proud to have the most comprehensive off ice training program of all hockey schools in Atlantic Canada. Our hockey training facility offers all the skills involved in Hockey.                                                           - Shooting - We have 2-3 shooting ranges at all times to ensure all athletes get 2-300 shots per day. 

- Skating - We have 4 Power Skater Units to improve, explosive starts and striding, Improved stance and acceleration along with power. 

- Passing - We use PUGL Pucks, Passing Aids, rebounders, touch passing, saucer passing and one on one with coaches to instruct. 

- Puck Skills - We have various stations and Synthetic ICE To work at game speed, full range of motion stick handling. Fakes, Dekes, Toe Drags, Puck Protection, Hand - Eye and many of our favourite player drills, Crosbies, McDavid's, Kaner's, Tavares & more. 

In terms of Fitness we incorporate an in-season fitness program that emphasizes maintaining muscle gains and strength improvements from off season training throughout the summer, injury prevention with flexibility and dynamic warm ups along with strength and endurance exercises at age appropriate levels to maintain and build on explosive power and improved acceleration on skates. 

We teach Skating, Passing, Puck Skils and shooting during our off ice sessions using state of the art equipment used by NHL, AHL and Junior Hockey Clubs throughout North America. 

Technical Skills - Skating, Passing, Puck skills & Shooting stations!

Tactical Skills - Fakes, Dekes, Face-offs, special teams, systems etc

Physical Fitness - Bigger (Hypertrophy) - Stronger (Power) & Faster (Speed & Agility) 

Mentally Tough - Handle stress, thrive under pressure, focus and concentration

Email or Call for further details

709 638 2793 cell phone 


High Performance - Off Season

Starting May 2020

What is included in your registration

- Healthy snacks and hydration! Camp Meal plan options available upon request

- 5 hours On Ice training/testing - power skating, passing, shooting & puck skills

                 - Game on Sunday 14th

- 4 hours Off Ice Skills - passing, power skater, shooting & puck handling stations

- 2 Fun skills tournaments - Box Hockey and Saucer Passing for PlayPro Training Aid

- 3 hours Off Ice Fitness training & Testing sessions

                - Daily Video Session - Featuring individual on ice performances

                - PlayPro stick handling / training Ball

                - Free off season training session with PlayPro Hockey Fitness

Start your off season by attending our High Performance Evaluation Camp.

We measure results! On ice skills testing and off ice fitness evaluations help guide athletes with off season training plans to improve skill - muscle mass - strength - Speed & Mental Focus!

Target Ages - Atom - PeeWee - Bantam - U18

This program involves mentoring from High Performance coaches and staff during on ice sessions with coaches and older athletes/players demonstrating to our younger players, the effort, pace and skill level they can aspire to if they train properly on ice and off! 

Age appropriate Resistance training ranging from body weight, to free weights to Olympic Lifts and on ice using parachutes, bungie cords and pull straps are all forms of resistance training. At PlayPro camps, all excercises are taught in a progressive, safe manner depending on age, skill and strength! 


- Power skating

- Puck handling & protection 

- Shooting & scoring tactics

- Battles & Game situation drills

On Ice– This will be a High Performance camp with a fast paced, intense training schedule. Skating, Passing, Puck Skills and Shooting!

Off ice– Fitness testing, introduction to our gladiator fitness program! Teaching athletes how to safely get bigger, stronger & faster for hockey!

Goaltender Training – Intensive Program - 8 Max ( 2 per age group)

- COACHES - Jana Bugden-Sigurdsson, Brad Dyke & Brad Power

This camp will offer all aspects of elite goaltending;

On Ice: Agility, Coordination, Stance, Technique & focus! 

Off ice: Goalie Specific slide boards, reaction, lateral stride & More! 

Flexibility – technical skills – crease tactics – fitness – mental focus 

To register - please fill out and return a registration form and follow payment details to confirm your spot! Its not cliche, PlayPro offers limited spaces with the smallest group sizes compared to other provincial camps! - Max 24 per group! We are only offering 2 groups (12 Atom - 12 PeeWee - 24 Bantam/Midget)


Call 709 638 2793 


Facebook: PlayPro Hockey