PlayPro Off Season Program (pdf)


PlayPro - High Performance Fitness and Skills training

Additional Information

PlayPro Hockey is proud to have the most comprehensive off ice training program of all hockey schools in Atlantic Canada. 

We teach Skating, Passing, Puck Skils and shooting during our off ice sessions using state of the art equipment used by NHL, AHL and Junior Hockey Clubs throughout North America. 

In all of our hockey schools and camps you will see less focus on fun and leisure activities such as field trips and local venues and more emphasis put into teachable moments in fun and creative skill development methods and techniques! Roughly 30% play the game for success and excellence and not fun and socialization, so we aim to provide a high performance program for the athlete pursuing excellence in sport. 

Technical Skills - Skating, Passing, Puck skills & Shooting stations!

Tactical Skills - Fakes, Dekes, Face-offs, special teams, systems etc

Physical Fitness - Bigger (Hypertrophy) - Stronger (Power) & Faster (Speed & Agility) 

Mentally Tough - Handle stress, thrive under pressure, focus and concentration